Comp Aimpoint




Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 130
Assault Rifles, LMGs, Carbines, Colt SMG 635, AUG A3 Para, Mosin Nagant, VSS Vintorez, Dragunov SVDS, Dragunov SVU, AK-12 BR, AG-3, Obrez except SCAR-L, SCAR HAMR, M60, Colt LMG, MK11, SKS, SCAR SSR

The Comp Aimpoint is a Swedish Red Dot Sight. It requires 130 kills to be unlocked or can be unlocked with Credits (CR).


Manufactured by Aimpoint AB, the Comp Aimpoint (likely based off of the CompM2) is a non-magnifying red dot reflex sight for firearms. It is designated the M68 CCO by the US Armed Forces, and can currently be found on countless rifles in service with the U.S. It was designed to be compatible with the M16/M4 rifle family but can be attached to any weapon with a Picatinny rail. The sight's red dot is NVG-compatible, meaning that it can be seen through night vision instruments.


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The Comp Aimpoint is another red-dot sight optic that gives you more aim stability and less accuracy, although it has a more positive effect on accuracy than sights like the Coyote or the Kobra sight. Shooters can treat them as normal red-dot sight. The description, shown above says "offers superior situational awareness by un-cluttering the surrounding FOV". It means it is less obstructive than other sights and allows the user to look around their peripheral vision much better than, say, a 6x VCOG.

This optic is preferred for use at mid-close range because of its 1x magnification, decent field of view, lesser aim sensitivity, thick red-dot and relatively thick frame, which is still thinner than high-zoom optics like the ACOG and PK-A. However, this weapon can find some use at long-range on certain weapons, thanks to its lower aim sensitivity and decent accuracy. This optic is best for weapons which have low, controllable recoil, although the thin frame and mid-range magnification make this sight a highly versatile optic attachment to use.


  • The US Army has bought 1,000,000 M68 CCO's and issued 85% of Army M4 rifles with them.
  • Realistically, the Comp Aimpoint's non-magnifying design allows for the user to keep both eyes open for situational awareness while still superimposing the red dot in the user's vision.


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