This page will catalogue common techniques used by PF players. IS NOT A GUIDE, DO NOT PUT PERSONAL TACTICS.

Offensive Tactics

Flanking: Flanking is taking a side route to attack the enemy instead of attacking from the front, making it easier to get close and sneak up on the enemy. Flanking is usually done with CQC-oriented weapons that may have increased mobility. Suppressors are sometimes put on weapons when flanking to reduce the chance of detection.

Spawn Trapping: When a team is spawining and the opposing team attacks them, whilst not letting them get out of their spawn.

Defensive Tactics

Camping: While not a strictly defensive tactic, it requires the user to stay in one spot, making it a more passive strategy than say flanking. As the name implies, you are supposed to go to an area with a wide FoV or possibly high traffic and either snipe ( wide FoV ) or kill people passing by ( high traffic ). The former form of camping is more common, and both forms are frowned upon by the community.

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