Sniper Rifles are long-distance, high-precision weapons, and are usually fed via magazine. Sniper Rifles are exclusively available to the Recon class and the Secondary Other class.

  • The Intervention gun model
  • The Remington 700 gun model
  • The AWS gun model
  • The BFG-50 gun model
  • The L115A3 gun model
  • The Mosin-Nagant gun model
  • The Hecate II gun model
  • The sfg 50 gun model
  • The Obrez gun model


The first ever documented sniper rifle in history traced back into the 1860s, when the British National Rifle Association held its first annual meeting. Queen Victoria fired the Whitworth rifle, the first ever sniper rifle, designed and created by Sir Joseph Whitworth, from a 400 yard distance. Despite having little experience in weaponry, the queen nearly shot the bull's eye that was set up during the event. Although showing greater qualities than the British standard Pattern 1852 Enfield, the weapon was ultimately rejected by the British association due to its less durable nature and expensive cost. However, the Whiteworth was sold to the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War, which the Confederates used to great effectiveness.

Although different sniper rifle variants were created and used afterwards, these weapons would begin to find more common usage during World War I. During the early years of the war, Germany put much effort into training soldiers for sniper rifle usage, and these sharpshooters, once brought onto the battlefield, effectively eliminated and intimidated many Allied troopers. In response, the British began improving the quality of sniper rifles and their wielders. Therefore, both sides of the war began to more commonly use sharpshooting strategies in the battlefield. Sniper rifles were commonly used during World War I, and to this day as well, where the quality and effectiveness of such accurate and deadly weapons are continuously improved upon.[1]


General Information

Sniper Rifles, of all of the other weapons in-game, perform the best in long range engagements. The damage of a Sniper Rifle is extremely high, enough to take away half of an enemy's health at its minimum damage, and is able to 1SK an opponent at any range. Sniper Rifles can also be positively characterized by their low bullet drop, extreme accuracy, and instant access to sniper scopes, which further increase the accuracy of a Sniper Rifle. In return, however, Sniper Rifles decrease the walkspeed of a player and have the lowest magazine size and Rate of Fire (RoF) of any other weapon in-game, restricting their usage in Close Quarters Combat (CQC), or even medium ranged combat even for the secondary counter-parts.

Usage & Tactics

Sniper Rifles perform best in long range engagements, and should never be brought into a close ranged engagement. When engaging the enemy in long range combat, the number one important factor in the engagement should be accuracy, as due to the low magazine size and ROF, any miss will be a great loss of time and resources. When sniping an enemy, it is always recommended to aim for the head, as Sniper Rifles instantly kill an enemy if a headshot is achieved. As a side note, if one were to snipe an enemy without achieving a headshot, and if the target was not killed, it is possible that the opponent could search for cover or even retaliate.

When handling a Sniper Rifle, in addition to firing from a long distance, it is also recommended to stay in a place of cover and protection. A sniper is a very dangerous player, and are usually targeted by the enemy team. While most transgressions against snipers are frontal assaults against the team, others may be sneaky and try to flank to a secret entrance and assassinate you. Holding in a good, protectable area is a wise strategy and should be sought after when able. At other times, a sniper may be assaulted by an enemy sniper from a distance, and cover will aid in engaging the assaulter.

Each Sniper Rifle has access to a high-magnification sniper scope, which aids in engaging from a long distance. However, if one wishes to possess a higher field of view, whether to process more of the battlefield or, if one wishes, to fight more effectively in close combat, low-magnification optics are also available to be unlocked. The VCOG 6x Scope is also available, providing a mix between the two different options.

Saying all snipers are recon exclusive is a lie because the sfg 50 and the Obrez are the only two secondary snipers to ever added. Both the sfg 50 and Obrez aren't officially snipers but can usually be classified as one to the community due to the fact that they both have low magazines and high damage from a single shot. They're also both sawed-off version of their counter-parts the BFG 50 and the Mosin Nagant. The downsides are that the sfg 50 has low magazine of 1 making it where you need to do a full-reload after every shot, and both the Obrez and sfg 50 have bad bullet drop making hard to flick snipe or snipe fast. Note that the sfg 50 is a semi-fictional American gun and can 1SK from any range from head to torso, however it can leave tremendously low health if the bullet hits an arm or a leg. To conclude, the sfg 50 and the Obrez are good weapons to have with shotguns and PDWs as they both can achieve long range kills unlike shotguns and PDWs.


When handling a Sniper Rifle, one should not be expected to fight in the front lines and be put into the direct enemy fire. Instead, snipers should be secluded, far away from the main battle even for the secondary versions and should provide support and protection with deadly accuracy and high damage. As such a deadly role will often be targeted, it is best to be prepared for enemy attacks and skirmishes, and should always rely on their team in order to cover the Sniper Rifle's extremely crucial weaknesses.


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