Personal Defense Weapons, or PDW for short, are compact, magazine-fed weapons that fire pistol-caliber cartridges. PDWs are only available to the Scout Class.


The Personal Defense Weapons in game are a series of light, fast-firing firearms that are able to shred enemies in Close Quarters Combat (CQC) due to their fast Rate of Fire (RoF). PDWs generally sport good hipfire accuracy as well, allowing users to deal with close threats quickly and efficiently. However, PDWs have poor accuracy at long range, and any damage dealt at long range will dropoff quickly due to their low effective range. PDWs are also lighter than most guns, so flanking and ambushing are recommended for PDW users.


  • Basic Personal Defense Weapons are light weapons and generally possess a high RoF. Basic PDWs are best used at CQC, where their low accuracy and effective range are not as hindering as they would be at longer ranges, although they perform fine at medium ranged combat. Reloads are rather frequent, due to their fast RoF, which can quickly empty most PDW's magazines. It is generally recommended therefore to participate in one-on-one engagements, so that one can easily kill an opponent due to their fast RoF and remain relatively safe when reloading.
  • Compact Personal Defense Weapons are especially more compact than Basic Personal Defense Weapons, and are somewhat more alike to Machine Pistols than actual PDWs. Compact PDWs usually sport a higher RoF than other PDWs, which help in close ranged engagements, but also empty the user's magazine faster as well. With Compact PDWs, it may even be recommended to avoid engaging the enemy head-on altogether, and instead focus on ambushing the enemy from behind and quickly assassinate them.

The MAC-10, although placed in the PDW category, is actually a Machine Pistol in real life. It has most likely been placed in the PDW category since placing the MAC-10 in the Machine Pistol category would make it extremely over powered for a Secondary weapon.

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