Personal Defense Weapons are small weapons firing pistol-caliber cartridges. Personal Defense Weapons are only available to the Scout Class.


Compared to other weapons, PDWs generally sport mid-to-low damage, have a much higher damage falloff, and (in general) a shorter effective range, however they have some of the fastest firerates of all weapons in game. The UMP45 is an exception to this, with the slowest firerate and highest per-shot recoil of all PDWs. i'll fix this later :l


There are two sub-classifications for Personal Defense Weapons:

  • Compact Personal Defense Weapons are, as the name implies, especially compact and somewhat similar to Machine Pistols in their behavior.
    • The MP5K, MP7, MAC-10 and Kriss Vector are classified as Compact Personal Defense Weapons.
  • Personal Defense Weapons are usually similar to larger rifles in configuration and have better performance at range than their compact cousins.
    • The UMP45, P90, MP5, Colt SMG 635, MP5SD, MP10, MP5/10 and AUG A3 Para are classified as Personal Defense Weapons.

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