Light Machine Guns, or LMG for short, are fully-automatic weapons that fire intermediate rifle cartridges from an extended detachable magazine. The M60 is classified as a High-capacity Light Machine Gun, and fires full-power rifle cartridges from a disintegrating belt. LMGs are only available to the Support Class.

In Game

The Light Machine Guns in game are a series of powerful weapons which can hold a large amount of ammo, both in the magazine and in reserve. LMGs also sport very high suppression, which can aid in suppressing an enemy. As a counterbalance, LMGs have a terribly long reload and very high recoil, which can hinder enemy engagements. It is recommended to use LMGs alongside other teammates, where the LMG's high damage and suppression will help your teammates advance safely, and they in turn can cover for you during your lengthy reload.

While equipped with an LMG, one can press the T button to switch to an alternate aiming mode, in which the LMG is held as if it where held by the hip, but still retains the tight spread offered while in Aim Down Sights (ADS). This is especially useful for LMGs with higher recoil, such as the M60.


  • Magazine-fed Light Machine Guns are, in essence, larger versions of already existing Assault Rifles. These LMGs possess a greater base damage, suppression and magazine size than their Assault Rifle cousins, but suffer from a greater recoil and long reload. These weapons are best used at important, violent areas or chokepoints, where the LMG's large magazine size and good damage can devastate large groups of enemies in a prolonged fight.
  • High-capacity Light Machine Guns are very large LMGs that sport an even higher damage, suppression and ammo reserve than the Magazine-fed Light Machine Guns, but have a drastically increased recoil and a much longer reload. These traits emphasize the importance of teamwork when using an LMG, especially with a High-capacity Light Machine Guns, where teammates will be able to cover one during their time of vulnerability.
    • The M60 is classified as a High-Capacity Light Machine Gun.