Battle Rifles are select-fire weapons that use full-powered rifle cartridges from a detachable magazine. Battle Rifles are only available to the Assault, Support and Recon classes.

  • The Scar H gun model
  • The AK-12 BR gun model
  • The AG-3 gun model
  • The Henry 45-70 gun model


The word Battle Rifle was a term created to differentiate automatic rifles that fire intermediate cartridges (e.g: M-16) from ones that fire full powered rifle cartridges (e.g: M-14). This term also applies to older semi automatic rifles such as the M1 Garand. Battle Rifles don’t have to be capable of fully automatic fire.


The Battle Rifles in game are a series of accurate, slow-firing weapons that sport a higher base damage and effective range than their Assault Rifle cousins, but suffer from a higher recoil and smaller magazine. However, these traits are only shared with the SCAR-H and AG-3, the only true Battle Rifles. The AK-12 BR, while placed in the Battle Rifle category, is in actuality an Assault Rifle; it possesses a lower recoil, faster Rate of Fire (RoF) and lower damage than the SCAR-H and AG-3. The Henry 45-70, while not exactly alike to the SCAR-H and AG-3, is still defined as a Battle Rifle by older military terms. Nevertheless, the Henry 45-70 should be used differently than the other Battle Rifles


  • Automatic Battle Rifles are powerful and slow-firing rifles that can be treated as full-automatic DMRs. Battle Rifles are best used at medium range due to their long effective range and good damage overall. It is recommended to avoid Close Quarters Combat (CQC) with Battle Rifles due to their dramatically slow RoF, though they perform rather decent in long range engagements.
    • The SCAR-H and AG-3 are classified as Automatic Battle Rifles.
  • Lever-action Battle Rifles are weapons that behave somewhat more like Sniper Rifles than actual Battle Rifles. These weapons sport a very high damage, though have a smaller effective range than full-automatic Battle Rifles. Still, these weapons are able to deliver a lethal headshot at any given range.
    • The Henry 45-70 is classified as a Lever-action Battle Rifle.

The AK-12 BR, although placed in the Battle Rifle category, is actually an Assault Rifle. It has even been confirmed by the main developer that the reason the AK-12 BR is in the Battle Rifle category is "[...] because of the overabundance of Assault Rifles, that having another Battle Rifle is too appealing to fill in."