Assault Rifles are select-fire rifles chambered for an intermediate cartridge. Assault Rifles are only usable by the Assault Class.

There are two sub-classifications of Assault Rifles:

  • Automatic Assault Rifles can be fired in fully-automatic or semi-automatic modes. Weapons which have a burst-fire mode, but are not automatically set to it (such as the AK-12) are still classified as Automatic Assault Rifles.
    • The Kalashnikov series, AS VAL, SCAR-L, AUG series, G36, M16A3, FAMAS, L85A2, Honey Badger and M231 are classified as Automatic Assault Rifles.
  • Burst-Fire Assault Rifles can be fired in burst mode or semi-automatic modes.
    • The AN-94 and M16A4 are classified as Burst-Fire Assault Rifles.

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