Assault Rifles are select-fire weapons that shoot intermediate rifle cartridges from a detachable magazine. Assault Rifles are only available to the Assault Class.

In Game

The Assault Rifles in game are a diverse series of weapons sporting a large array of different stats that can be useful in different cases. Assault Rifles usually sport all-around stats, making these types of weapons ideal for many scenarios. Different Assault Rifles can sport a good effective range, high base damage, low recoil, etc. However, these weapons can easily be beaten by other weapons meant for certain situations: Assault Rifles will not perform as well in Close Quarters Combat (CQC) as well as PDWs or Shotguns, nor will it perform as well as LMGs or Battle Rifles in medium ranged combat or Sniper Rifles and DMRs in long ranged engagements. Nevertheless, Assault Rifles are extremely versatile and are ideal for many strategies.


  • Automatic Assault Rifles are full-automatic weapons that perform well in medium range combat, due to a good effective range and decent Rate of Fire (RoF). Different varieties of Assault Rifles can also perform well in other areas, such as in CQC or long range engagements. Lacking obvious advantages over other weapon classes, Assault Rifles are best used on the frontline, where versatility will allow Assault Rifle users to gain the upper hand over opponents.
  • Burst-fire Assault Rifles are burst-fire weapons that, basically, have overall better stats than Assault Rifles. Burst-fire Assault Rifles usually sport a higher RoF and damage than Assault Rifles, allowing them to eliminate a target much easier and quicker. However, being burst-fire instead of full-automatic means that these weapons will have a much harder time dealing with groups of enemies than other Assault Rifles, reducing their versatility.
    • The AN-94 and M16A4 are classified as Burst-fire Assault Rifles. The AK-12 and AK-12 BR, while classified as Automatic Assault Rifles, can still be classified as Burst-fire Assault Rifles due to possessing enhanced stats in burst-mode. The FAMAS, while able to use burst-mode, has no enhanced stats while on burst-mode, and is therefore not classified as a Burst-fire Assault Rifle.

The Honey Badger, while placed in the Assault Rifle class, is actually a PDW in real life. It is currently unknown why the Honey Badger was placed in the Assault Rifle class, though it might be due to the weapon's closer resemblance to Assault Rifles than the other PDWs.

The M231, while placed in the Assault Rifle class, is actually a Submachine Gun in real life. The M231 was most likely placed in the Assault Rifle class due to there not being a Submachine Gun class in-game, and since it bears more resemblance to an Assault Rifle than other weapons in-game. The M231 would be considered an Automatic Assault Rifle.

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