The Assault rifles are weapons designed to be used at medium range, but can be mastered at both long range and close quarter combat. They can be both used for aggressive or defensive playstyles. They have a good time-to-kill at medium range, although some are superior in longer range capabilities, like the L85A2. The recoil is depend to each weapon. The Rate of Fire (RoF) ranged from 600 RPM (lowest) to 1800 RPM (highest). The assault rifles are generally the all grounded weapon. There is a default assault rifle, which is the AK-12, yet before the Independence Day update, it used to be unlocked at rank 5. Down below is a example of the assault weaponry. (Chart below is update 0.11.3, not up to date)

Gun Name AK-12 AN-94 SCAR-L AUG A1 M16A4
Unlock Requirements Rank 0 (Starter) Rank 10 or 3000 CR Rank 16 or 4200 CR Rank 20 or 5000 CR Rank 22 or 5400 CR
Gun Name G36 AUG A2 FAMAS AUG A3 L85A2
Unlock Requirement Rank 25 or 6000 CR Rank 39 or 8800 CR Rank 45 or 10000 CR Rank 52 or 11400 CR Rank 55 or 12000 CR
Damage over range of ARs as of 0.11

A comparison of all ARs and their damage over range in-game as of update 0.11.3.