"Additional modified delta reflex sight for clean optimal target acquisition in close-range engagements " - In-game Description

The Canted Delta Sight is an 'other' attachment for primary weapons. It requires either 405 kills on a gun or 605 credits to unlock initially.

Canted Delta Sight



Attachment Type Other
Kills Required 405 Kills
Available on Primary Weapons


The Canted Delta Sight is useful for CQB and medium range engagements, especially if the weapon is not meant for CQB, such as a DMR or sniper rifle. To use the sight, you have to press T, which will toggle between sights. The reticle is focused on the tip of the triangle, so you must aim there in order to be accurate. Compared to Canted Iron Sights, it has a cleaner, less obstructed view while aiming.

The Canted Delta Sight's functions are identical to that of the "Canted Iron Sights" - to provide a backup sight. Unlike the Canted Iron Sights, the sight is a Delta Sight, hence the name. Although it functions identically to the canted iron sights, it requires more kills to unlock, probably due to the fact that since it is very similar to red dot sights, which are generally less obstructive.

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