Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 125 Kills
Available on AK12, M16A3, M16A4, G36, MG36, M4, M4A1, G36C.

The C79 is an unique Canadian optic in-game. To unlock this optic, it requires either 325 Credits (initial) or 125 kills with a gun that has this attachment, The C79 is also the main scope of most Colt C7 assault rifles.


The C79 is an optical sight with 3.4x magnification and a rubber coating for protection. A tritium-illuminated reticle (Illumination not present in-game) provides sighting for low-light conditions. It is manufactured by Eclan and is marketed as the SpecterOS3.4x but in Canadian service, it is referred to as the C79 or the C79A2, much like in game.

This sight is use by numerous military forces, an example would be the Royal Netherland Army. They generally put this optic on the gun, Diemaco C7 assault rifle, or the C9A1 Light Machine Gun.

The ACOG is the United State Armed Forces' common equivalent of the C7 sight.


The C79 has a unique reticle (A Letter "T" like reticle, which is somewhat similar to the Kobra Sight's recticle) that can be effective against medium/long range opponents. The C79 is useful for weapons that have high recoil. The in-game model does not have an illuminated crosshair, and the black targeting reticle is nearly impossible to make out against extremely dark backgrounds, i.e. the night sky when targeting players on the rooftops on Ravod 911. Equipping any of the lasers will help compensate for this as the laser visibly terminates at the center of the aiming reticle, but an illuminated sight is still recommended for low-light situations.

This optic is best suited for mid-range combat as the 3.4x magnification will help with tracking farther enemies whilst suffering from less visible recoil than higher magnification sights, such as the ACOG or the VCOG.

Pros and Cons


  • The 3.4x magnification makes it useful with weapons that have high recoil.
  • The optic is available at only 125 kills.


  • The optic is only available on a select few weapons.
  • The crosshairs are not illuminated, which makes aiming at a dark background difficult.
List of Attachments
Optics Primary Acog Scope - C79 - Comp Aimpoint - Coyote Sight - EOTech 552 - EOTech XPS2 - Kobra Sight - M145 - MARS - PK-A - PKA-S - PM II [NEW!] - PSO-1 [NEW!] - Reflex Sight - Vcog 6x Scope - Z-Point
Secondary Delta Sight - Full Ring Sight - Half Ring Sight - Mini Sight - Vcog 6x Scope
Underbarrel Grips Angled Grip - Folding Grip - Stubby Grip - Vertical Grip
Miscellaneous Laser
Barrel Flash and Sound Suppression ARS Suppressor - Flash Hider - PBS-1 Suppressor - PBS-4 Suppressor - R2 Suppressor - Suppressor
Recoil Management Muzzle Brake - Compensator
Other Aid aiming Ballistics Tracker - Green Laser - Laser
Backup sights Canted Delta Sight - Canted Iron Sights
Ammunition Shotgun ammunition - Extended Magazine

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