• PhantomForcesUser

    Hey so I'm going away tomorrow for a few days, and won't be back until Sunday. I won't be able to access the internet so expect me to not be active until I return. (Damn, I'm going to have to restart the 1 edit for 100 days thing again). I hope everything doesn't turn into a civil war and hope all is well. - PFU.

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  • RobloxKiddy

    Current Map Issues

    January 13, 2018 by RobloxKiddy

    As of now, the maps in phantom forces are generally very good (too roblox standards) and are generally also fun too most players. But i speak for a lot of people when i say that Suburbia is a piece of sh!#. 

    While i was excited for the release of a new map, i am now very displeased with it. It has a lot of inherent problems that cannot be fixed in it without a major revamp. 

    1. The fact is that this is a slap in the face to any CoD fan. It is so similar to nuketown you may as well just call it that. 

    2. The sloppy urban gameplay i don't find well for a game like Phantom forces. House to house fights are often very scrappy and the tight spaces make it a hunting ground for Honey Badger N0rm!es.

    3. The amount of spawn trapping in this map literal…

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  • PhantomForcesUser


    I am PhantomForcesUser, or PFU for short. As of current, I have 1245+ edits on this wiki, having made a variety of edits such as minor grammar fixes and typo corrections, to full rewriting of and creation of pages. I also have helped create and enforce standardised procedures for this wiki along with updating older templates and formats to better the wiki as both it and the game Phantom Forces move into the future. As of writing, I have been on the wiki for over seven months and will be nearly one-year when it's time for mod nominations. I always check the wiki's activity and proofread edits to make sure they follow standard procedures, are factually correct, are not repetitive and are worded properly. I…

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    Sniper Rifle rankings.

    December 30, 2017 by HEIL JOPEDE

    So heres my ranking of sniper rifles based on my opinion.

    1. The Hecate II- its fun to use plus all the other sniper rifles are too generic.

    2. The Mosin Nugget- fast RoF plus most snipers are 2SKs and 1SK in the head so ye.

    3. L115A3- self explanatory.

    4. Intervention- well rounded sniper rifle.

    5. R700- okay rifle.

    6. AWS- muzzle velocity is too slow for me plus stealth doesnt really matter if you’re sniping.

    7. BFG 50- oml would these noobs stop overrating this gun. Its a 1SK yes, but you can do the same for all sniper rifles. Not worth the 1SK if you have to reload it after every shot.

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  • Mlgjcladioa

    New member here!

    December 30, 2017 by Mlgjcladioa

    Welcome to the boring blog thing. And the new member is.... Me

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    Guide to using the AK-47

    December 26, 2017 by HEIL JOPEDE

    So in my opinion, this gun is a really good and well rounded assault rifle. Like its reliable, especially when I found myself reloading and an enemy pops up behind a corner and all that so all i have to do is cancel reload and just empty my entire magazine. It only takes like 3 shots to even kill him. I used the AK-47 with good results back when I was a medium ranker. I highly recommend this gun if you cant find a good assault rifle. So anyways, heres my tips on how to use the AK-47.

    So obviously lets lay out its strengths and weaknesses. So its strenghth is high damage, relatively low ammo consumption, good ammo compatability, (i think it should be able to pick up from AK-12s, which are common) and somewhat fast reload. Its weaknesses are…

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    Keep in mind that that this review is based off my experiences so not everything may apply to everyone. So everyone has heard of the two M16s in game; the burst M16A4 and the auto M16A3. Both weapons are fairly decent if not good in my opinion. But anyways, lets get into it.

    M16A4 Pros: High damage, fast RoF, one burst can kill full hp enemy at close range, low rank unlock and less prone to spray. Less ammo consumption too. Cons: requires higher skill cap. Burst cant exactly save you from everything.

    M16A3 Pros: automatic, doesnt require as much skill as the A4, and ability to spray can help you in certain situations. Easier to use and in general can save your life in certain situations. Cons: lower damage, slower RoF than burst. Spraying ca…

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    Note: this is mostly for beginners, but there may be a tip or two that you have not known before.

    So lets hop in shall we?

    1. Utilize the minimap. Whenever an enemy shoots near you, they will appear as a red square on your minimap. Unless if they got a suppressor attached to their gun or have an integrally suppressed gun, all enemies appear when they shoot. However, they have to be close to you so uh dont bother trying to look for an enemy that is 400 studs away. Also, spotted enemies that are near you will also pop up on it so be sure to utilize spotting to. Its not hard to spam e and many experienced players use it.

    2. Nullifying the bolt cycling on the snipers. Now i know theres fast bolt action rifles like the mosin which wouldnt need th…

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  • SundownMKII

    test blog post

    December 19, 2017 by SundownMKII

    test blog post to confirm how blogs work

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  • MrBogglesWorth

    Hello again, fellow Phantoms/Ghosts.

    I asked some questions to ALOT of people (around 50 or so in three weeks!) with the question "What ruins the game for you?"

    Now, let's get into it; what is the ultimate game ruiner?

    Alot of people have said "handheld knives". If you do not know what this means, it means by HOLDING the F key, you can pull out your knife and use it as a melee weapon. 

    Doing this grants you insane amounts of mobility, so you can run the fastest you can go.

    People have criticised the melee weapons for making you go extremely fast while also giving you a one-hit kill capability in close combat. Every once in a while you can see a person running around the map while holding the knife just killing people. Should Stylis Studios remo…

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  • Blorgusmorgus

    So... do we gona get a new revolover in game? Well its is hard to answer to this question, but why?

    First- We have a high damage, high rate of fire gun.

    Second- there is not so many revolvers ( in real world) with something else like: difrent ammo capacity, rate of fire e.t.c. 

    But what if Stylis studio had idea to add a new revolver what would it be? My ideas:

    1. Low damge, bigger rate of fire then mp412 rex, large ammo capacity (well because large rate of fire), a revolver that would be fun to spam.

    2. very high damage, low rate of fire like 45 rpm.

    So yea, i hope you liked my ideas, share your ideas in coment section, se ya.

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  • CamaroKidBB

    Hello there comrades, CamaroKidBB here.  The following is a guide to effectively using pistols in your loadout as backup weapons.

    This guide will only be covering semi-automatic pistols and revolvers, although machine pistols and "other" guns could be used as well, to much less effect, especially with the latter.

    When your primary is out of ammo, or is simply inadequate for a close quarters situation, take no more time than is necessary to draw out your sidearm and start shooting.  Some of this unneccesary time taken includes aiming down sights.  While sidearms aim much more quickly than all primaries, there is still time taken to aim, time that would cost you your life in a life-or-death situation.  That, and some energy will be expended on…

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  • DarkLight2.0

    Favorite Weapons

    December 14, 2017 by DarkLight2.0

    Assault Rifle: FAMAS

    Personal Defense Weapon: Kriss Vector

    Light Machine Gun: RPK

    Sniper Rifle: Mosin-Nagant

    Carbine: AK-12C and SR-3M

    DMR: VSS Vintorez and SCAR-SSR

    Battle Rifle: SCAR-H

    Shotgun: Stevens DB

    Pistol: M1911

    Machine Pistol: Glock 18 and TEC-9

    Revolver: (You know the answer...)

    Other: Sawed Off

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  • Duodecagon

    Hello everyone.

    For those who don't know me, I am Duodecagon, an avid contributor to the Phantom Forces Wikia.

    I am going to start bloging my major changes on the wiki so people know what's going on. These will occur usually on Wednesday or when I get around to it.

    Due to Ivan's abscence. I will take over the backend updating of the templates. Many of the templates are extremely broken and outdated that they are in need of fixing. I myself have been studying up on WikiCode for the last month and can understand enough to be able to fix these issues.

    You may have noticed on some pages that there are tabs on the infobox (Mainly attachments). This is to keep things structurally organized within the wiki. Right now, I'm just focusing on attachments…

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  • EddieMcWang

    1. Make sure you have a customizable skin

    2. Turn Materials On: Click "materials" and press the small box.

    3. Stretch the skin to 0.1: Go to studspertileu and studspertilev and set it to 0.1. This will stretch your skin to be really thin. YOU HAVE TO HAVE MATERIALS ON TO STRETCH SKINS. (Note: This may not work for some skins)

    4. Set transparency all the way to 0.8

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  • Osmily

    I wasn't here during the beginning of phantom forces, or even during the halfway point, but I can read from a lot of sources that Ravod was one of the most beloved maps in the game. However, when Ravod got revamped, many people began to hate it because of a new access to the blue building's roof, which infuriated many people. So, when the Halloween update happened and the roof was removed, I thought that the map would be loved again (Although I was a loser and enjoyed the roof access).

    However, there still seems to be some dislike towards the new map, which I do not understand why. Does the revamp make other players' computers lag, or is there a hidden detail that has greatly impacted the map, though it is hard to find?

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  • Captainmeliodas43

    So i have noticed after using it that the sawed off got nerfed from when it was released on the update. I dont know if this is me just being bad, but it took me over three shots from 11 studs to kill an enemy. Stylis please check if this is true because it is practiclly impossible to use.

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  • Duodecagon

    Oh the ZiP, this gun is very misunderstood, but I'm going to explain why its underrated.

    I used to actually dispise this gun, but after using it for an entire round, I can guarentee this thing is not just a troll gun; its a competitor to the Obrez!

    Now let me explain my logic:

    The Obrez is of course a sawn off sniper variant of the Mosin Nagant. However, due to the sawn off barrel, the Obrez has to deal with reduced muzzle velocity and some spread which will defintely screw you over at longer ranges. The Obrez also has low damage for a theoretical sniper so it is a necessity to consistantly get headshots for this to be effective.

    The ZiP on the other hand, is not a sniper, but with proper attachments, this pistol becomes a fully functional DMR…

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  • Duodecagon

    This update

    October 30, 2017 by Duodecagon

    (Minor language ahead. Be warned.)

    Where do I begin? The Halloween update was a very much needed update for PF. It added new guns like the DB and its Sawn off counterpart, MORE FREAKING AK-12 VARIANTS, and the one gun where getting a bodyshot instantly means your dead. Now, of course the ZIP 22 is underwhelming, even for a possible new "troll gun". It feels completely underpowered unless you get a headshot which for pistols is barely fatal anyway. 

    Don't even get me started on the lighting, its so dark that flash hiders become a major hinderance. The flashlight is not super bright, and with the much wanted Ballistics Tracker nerf finally upon us, it feels like the devs put us all in check. Shay. Fix. The. Goddamn. LIGHTING. Please!

    In my opin…

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  • Noobyrblx011

    The map look cool and many easter egg added but people hated it. Tell me what you think about it

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  • PhantomForcesUser

    Hello there! 

    So a few months ago when I was a bit bored and doing some Math assignments, I was using an online graphing calculator called Desmos. For those who have done mathematics, this is a very helpful tool and I would recommend using it for graphing. It's a godsend.

    I took it upon myself in my "free" time to have an automatic TTK Calculator using Areno98's formula (Your formula is great. Thanks) I also thought... "Why not make a chart of the TTK for all weapons, and their Range/Damage profile that's more 'accurate' ?"

    So I have been working on it. I started with the Carbines, and they aren't done. I need to finish some of the graphs but it's 70% done. I also probably have to check for any stat changes on them so they can be out of date.…

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  • Roboticlord24

    Ok I love Phantom and the game layout but we need a little more game modes and mabye one or two more maps.

    Here are some game mode ideas

    • Infection - One player will start out as the infeted and have a pistol to start after the first infected person kill a player the now two infected players get a knife and try killing and infecting the remaing players.
    • FFA (Free For All) - All players will be alone and have to kill the most players as posible. The top 10 players with the highest kills wins a case.
    • Tag - One player will start with a pistol and have to shot a player after the shooter kills a player the player will be IT and have to try and kill another player with a pistol. The top 10 players with the least tag points wins a case. Tag points are…
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  • MrBogglesWorth

    Now, topics for weapons, health items, perks, equipment, attachments, spells, etc etc have been going on for a long time. Even going as far as the mid-late 1990s and early 2000s, now forget that, history is boring. We're talking about Phantom Forces. Now, what do you (yes you) and others consider in the game as overpowered or underpowered? For me, the Remington 870 is just as OP as it was in the Alpha/Beta. (I think it got nerfed, but I'm not too sure) while some weapons such as L22 and KSG-12 are a bit on the short side when compared to other weapons. Now again, the ultimate question; According to you, what is underpowered and overpowered in Phantom Forces? (Secondary weapons, grenades and melee weapons do not count).

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  • Enrean-Mourn

    Yo man PF has become (and may have always been) a great roblox game with one of the best communities in Roblox I've met so many nice people and actually enjoyed most of my stays there... So this is a shout out to the creators and moderators for being badass and awesome Cheers mates! (when you start to realise you are underage and sound like an irish Drunk) any way Love yout guys and kee up the good work y'all deserve some good drinks(if underage try apple juice that stuff is like underage beer... I have a problem...) 

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    M-14 battle rifle

    September 12, 2017 by HEIL JOPEDE

    A common weapon seen in games like Apocalypse Rising and Prison Royale, why not in PF? A battle rifle capable of being a DMR and going full auto. (I am aware there's an AR-15/50 out there). Here are the stats:

    Rank: 70-80+

    Damage: Maximum damage is 40, minimum is 25.

    Recoil:low first shot recoil if single shots so it's user friendly on semi. However, the recoil will be sky high if flipped on automatic, despite the fact that the first two shots will hit its mark. Mostly vertical recoil.

    Auto firerate: 700 RPM

    Ammo:20/120 (21 if there's extra round in chamber)

    Wall banging: can penetrate through walls due to high powered rounds. However, can't penetrate extremely thick walls.

    Suppression: LMG surpression

    Reload is relatively similar to Ak-47, due to…

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    Replacement for M60

    September 4, 2017 by HEIL JOPEDE

    The M60 light machine gun is a belt fed 100 round magazine machine gun with high recoil and heavy suppression. It's quite overpowered for a rank 19 gun and honestly, should have a rank buff to rank 30+ if not a high ranking weapon. Or have another belt fed machine gun, this time high ranking. Most effective machine guns are low ranking and tend to be annoying so why not one for high rankers?

    Name: M249

    Rank requirement: 95

    Ammo: 150/200

    Damage: 33-24

    Firerate: 750 RPM

    Surpression: somewhat ok, similar to SCAR HAMR.

    Wall banging: ok, similar to ak variants.

    Mobility: as fast as the RPK.

    Offers high rankers a different type of SAW/LMG but faster firing at the cost of damage. Add feedback. IM NOT STATING WE SHOULD REMOVE M60. THIS IS MERELY A COUNTER.…

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  • Antimatterkill

    Hey guys, a couple of you might check this out becuase you just heard me say that you can shoot through walls. this is absolutely true. In fact, this mechanic is so core to the game, that im suprised I dont see more people using it. Many times on warehouse, people fail to realize that the plywood is concealment, not cover.

    In order to understand how Phantom forces handles walls and obstacles, you need to know the difference between cover and concealment.

    Cover will stop bullets. concrete barriers and thick* walls, are good cover in most cases. now, onto concealment. Concealment is any obstacle that will hide you, but will not stop a bullet for you. These include glass, plywood, cars, scaffolding, and will NOT prevent you from being hit.

    You m…

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  • PhantomForcesUser

    So usually in First Person Shooter games, Burst Fire weapons tend to have what is known as a burst delay. A burst delay for those that don't know what this is, is the time that it takes until the weapon is allowed to fire again. Take the M16 from COD 4, about 0.002 seconds until it was ready to fire again.

    In some games, there is no burst delay. When firing a burst fire weapon in what is seemingly full-auto, this is usually achieved by spam-clicking. In Phantom Forces, this seems to be the case for most burst weapons. Burst fire weapons include the AK-12's 1000RPM burst function, the M4, the M93R, the M16A4 and the AN-94. The only weapon that is known to have a burst delay is the AN-94, without further testing.

    Having said that, I went and p…

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  • Xylven

    P90 Kick

    July 25, 2017 by Xylven

    The P90 kicks you right now, I suggested you guys not use it until all servers are updated

    In other matters, Roblox is getting a new lighting system! Might make PF laggy, but now PF will look better! If you want to try it out, here[1] and here is a demonstration[2]

    -Logging out, Xylven, your not favourite Moderator

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  • PhantomForcesUser

    Weapon Guides

    July 24, 2017 by PhantomForcesUser

    So I've been tempted to do Weapon Guide stuff on here. Not too sure though if I should do a properly formatted one on Youtube, so not to sure. But, I've decided that I will do some stuff. Expect a sort of rant/argumentative or informal essay thing about weapons, attachments, game mechanics,  styles or types of players (game play styles such as camping or quickscoping) and also opinions (Duh).

    So for example, I'll be doing a sort of rant on the G36C and how bad I think it is, "The Worst Carbine in Phantom Forces". I'll go over its stats and compare/contrast it with other weapons in its category, the AR's and PDW's. 

    In terms of how it writes, it'll be like this

    "The G36C does have low recoil and favourable accuracy statistics being one of the …

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  • Ivan Clemente

    Hello fellow Wikians! It's been almost a year to promote these PFW Editors as Moderators. Today, we're announcing that we're going to have another mod in our community. Beneath this text are the Editors who I know are ready for promotion and doesn't abuse the power. Who's the next mod? Let's find out.

    The voting will end on Sunday (7/16/17)

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  • A Roblox Player

    So, if your reading this, you don't know how to play in Desert Storm, right? Now, usally your hand itches to touch that MK11, but don't do that. Do a PDW of a carbine. You might not belive it, but the only time you need the MK11 is in TDM. The rest is cause, what would you say, rush into the hill, planning to take it with a sniper, but there's 7 people there? You have 3 choices. 1. Run for the hills. 2. Become a hacker and quickscope them all. 3. Die. Then you get mad, and you rage quit. Just joking, most of you won't do that.  right? Anyway thats pretty much it. Ask me any questions in the comments.

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  • SlayerDogSam

    Here comes another place that phantoms and ghosts have brought fighting to. Known as warehouse, this map is notorious ( already ) for having a tendency to allow players to flank others. This gets annoying since the many structures and buildings allow your enemy to hide and while you search, he strikes at you from somewhere else. One thing that is crucial to your success on this map is spotting. This allows you to out manouver your opponent. Movement is essential and speed is not always the most important on this map unlike others. Rather you want to be low and doing some diving parkour. Getting the drop on an opponent first can be the difference between wasting precious seconds respawning and living to fight another 30 seconds, or if your …

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  • RiskoZoSlovenska

    Welcome to my first guide on Phantom Forces. I just want to say that most of what is written below is only my opinion, so it's OK if you don't agree with it. Also, this guide is still in construction, it's totally not finished. Hope to be done soon. 

    Optics: Coyote sight                                                     Damage: 35-20

    Barrel: Compensator                                                     Firerate: 600/min

    Underbarrel: Angled grip                                                Capacity: 25+1

    Other: Green lazer

    Ah, the UMP. (Universal Machine Pistol BTW). One of the deadliest and best starter weapons in the game. Attaching a compensator, angled grip and a green lazer will make a recoiless killing machine. I recommend it for med…

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  • Sojitsu
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  • KrisToast


    May 7, 2017 by KrisToast

    hmm what should i write here?

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  • Policemantype42

    oh wait i was never useful in the first place

    why do i even stay here?

    do i even have a place?

    im not even good at coding sh!t

    i keep on forgetting where i left my phone

    ...............*spots grammar mistake*             

    do people even know the rules of english grammar?

    do they even know how to spell?

    why am i talking to myself?

    why am i so lonely?

    why is my only friend a metal box with an intel core processor and a few wires connected to it?

    why am i not studying?

    am i slowly forgetting javascript?

    am i the only active person who joined before 2016 and is still the lowest rank

    am i insane?

    ................................*fixes grammar mistake*

    ............*slowly sips drink laced with peroxide and arsenic*

    ............*slowly reads over post*

    what is happ…

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  • InvP

    NOTE: This guide is still being worked on! Do not edit it as it will lose its integrity 

    The following guide is my personal reccomended loadouts. The attatchments are not selected by design on gun, but actual effectiveness. The guide will follow my loadouts for all four classes. Please do not edit this post! 

    AK12 - Coyote Sight, Stub Grip, Default Barrel (I reccomend pressing C to lower recoil)

    AN-94 - Default sight not reccomended, any grip, compensator

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  • InvP

    Custom weapons?

    April 28, 2017 by InvP

    I was watching a YouTuber who appeared to be using custom weapons (it had flames...) 

    Was this an exploit or just a custom weapon?

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  • Theopmlggamer


    April 27, 2017 by Theopmlggamer

    I have been playing roblox for hours on end and now what ive been waiting for rank 60 YAY i bought the BFG 50...

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  • DeletedContent

    Firstly, note that this list is my opinion, so if you disagree don't get pissed. I'm judging these weapons on 5 main factors: skill floor/ceiling, viability (on mid-to-high-level play), reliance on attachments, and enjoyability. Also note that some classes may have 2 weapons here while others will have none. With that said lets get right into the list.

    Skill floor: 8/10 (very easy to use)

    Skill ceiling: 3/10 (easy to master)

    Viability: 4/10 (mediocre viability)

    Reliance on attachments: 8/10 (very good stock)

    Enjoyability: 6/10 (comfortable to use)

    Verdict: 5.8/10

    Reasoning: The SCAR-L is a very comfortable gun to use due to its low recoil, good velocity, and lack of reliance on attachments and is as such great for starters. However, once you get …

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  • BoomTexan

    Guide for MP412 Rex

    April 20, 2017 by BoomTexan

    The MP412 Rex, as many of you know, is mostly considered the pistol you use until you unlock the Glock 18 or Deagle 44. But when used correctly, it can kill three people in around 2 seconds with only six bullets. This guide will hopfully show you how to use it better, what attachments to put on it, and how to conserve the small magazine and ammo capacity.

    Just aim down your sights and spam click. The person, whether 15 or 50 studs away will die after 1 or two bullets to any body part. There is no skill at all needed at this range, just dumb luck and a fast trigger finger.

    At medium range, shooting is somewhat more difficult. That spam clicking you did when the player was closer isn't gonna work. YOU NEED TO SPAM FASTER! Yes, that's correct. …

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  • Gggy

    Gggy's Armoury

    April 17, 2017 by Gggy

    The best way to take out an enemy is to hit hard and hit fast. The element of surprise will be key to toppling the tyrants' control. For that assignment, we will require weapons with quick time to kill.

    PRACTICAL TTK: 0.18 seconds

    The Colt SMG is a personal favorite, though its high rate of fire produces a high amount of recoil, it also produces a baseline TTK for a quick kill. I recommend a suppressor, Folding Grip, and AN/PEQ-15 laser for any sort of killing. However, since the 635 sports very high recoil even with bursts, it is recommended to engage targets at ranges closer than fifty meters. If you ever encounter an enemy farther than that range, a good tactic is to take cover behind crates, inside buildings, or anything! Wait for them t…

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  • RipeyRipeyWants2Contribute

    Good evening, Gentlemen! I am Miss. Ripey but you can call me Rei. I have come far and wide, High and low, BFG and SVU, To give you all images and descriptions of these magnificent encounters in Phantom Forces! Though, I may not be able to find much since I live in the Chinese Area of the world/Asia, So I guess we'll have to make do with what we have right now.

    NOTE : If you're an encounter here or act like the encounters here, Take note that this is also a Stereotype Blog so you might not be one of these but you also might be one of these. Hell, I'me one of these.

    Now, With that out of the way, Let's get onto the first encounters.

    Ahh! The humble Crane Camper! These Crane Campers have sweaty hands and have no sense of teamwork what so ever. …

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  • ScarL4life

    I am ScarL4life, a prominent editor on this wiki. I have 734 edits as of the writing of this blog post and have made numerous contributions to the weapons pages and ranked 9th on this wiki. I have been on this wiki for over a year and I make at least a few edits ( 3+ ) per week that leave a noticeable change ( check my contribs. for proof ). In terms of experience in PF, I am a rank 58 player and have played for over a year. 

    VOTE HERE - Godonan

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  • RipeyRipeyWants2Contribute

    Okay, Dragunov. It may LOOK like a Sniper Rifle, But itt's not. It's a Designated Marksman Rifle. You see the difference? Anyway, Dragunov SVU is a Ruski Gun made by the Soviets to modernize the Dragunov SVD (I think I'm getting this correct.) but they had to alter the designs in some parts, Leading to the DMR we all know and love today.

    Now what does the Dragunov do that makes it different than other Sniper Rifles, I hear you say, You Sniper Main.

    It's mostly because you don't need to unscope after shooting. It's kinda like the Heatman's Heatmaker from TF2. If you know that gun, You know what the Dragunov does then.

    Now some tips for the Draguknob, If you see someone and manage to hit them, Quickly shoot another bullet if they aren't dead. T…

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  • DeletedContent


    Now I am sure that you are all familiar with the M16A4, and most of you probably believe it to be a mediocre, slow, and hard-to-use weapon, outclassed by other weapons in the category. However, a few of you may know the true power of the M16A4, at least in the right hands. Here's some tips for the M16A4 that will hopefully help you to use this awkward-but-powerful weapon.

    With the M16A4, timing your bursts means everything. Since its nerf, you can no longer spam-click, and the timing has become more difficult. You want to try and hold down the trigger, with the weapon, until all 3 shots of the burst are out, and then quickly release and press again until your opponent is dead. It is recommended that you do not drast…

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  • A Roblox Player

    When scrubs on the crane snipes you with a BFG with BalTrack, how mad do you get? No worries, use a DMR, (The Sks is my favorite), or a sniper with BalTrak. Don't worry, it is worth doing, unless you want your KDR to go running like a dude with a fully atomatic BFG with BalTrack with 100 rounds in it is chasing it.

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  • SystemicKovac

    So, I’ve been using the M60 a lot recently and while using it I nicknamed it, Limitless Potential. Now, you might be wondering, Kovac, why do you call it Limitless Potential? It’s nothing but a mere noob gun! And that’s where I tell you that you’re wrong.

    So, the M60 has a diverse plethora of playstyles. From run ‘n gun to sit back and support your team. This isn’t important right now but It’ll be later. Now, you can have a weapon with a vast amount of playstyles but that doesn't make it good by itself. The stats are what form the gun! (And the devs who built it.) So, the M60 bolsters a medium damage of 40 maximum and 26 damage minimum, a large effective range, miniscule bullet drop and a high magazine count of 100 rounds. But don’t think t…

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  • DOgBoGsY

    Weapons Nationalities

    February 25, 2017 by DOgBoGsY

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    174PAGES ON THIS WIKIAdd New PageEdit  Comments19 Share{| style="font-size:12px;color:white;width:650px;border-radius:15px;margin-bottom:4px;" !Big thanks to CamarokidBB for their help with completing this article! |}

    [hide]#Swedish Weapons

    1. American Weapons
    2. Russian/Soviet Weapons
    3. British Weapons
    4. German Weapons
    5. Belgian Weapons
    6. Austrian Weapons
    7. Norwegian Weapons
    8. Italian Weapons
    9. French Weapons

    Machine Pistols

    • Tec-9

     ==American WeaponsEdit== Assault Rifles

    • M16A4
    • M16A3
    • M231
    • Honey Badger
    • SCAR-L (Both America and Belgium make this weapon)


    • M4
    • M4A1

    Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs)

    • MK-11

    Battle Rifles

    • SCAR-H (Both America and Belgium make this weapon)

    Light Machine G…

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