• IiSkrrtified

    Happy 420 day

    April 20, 2018 by IiSkrrtified


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  • RobloxKiddy

    Yeah, I started doing it. I like doing challenges now & again, like here for example. Without further to do, I shall start...

    == Day 1 ==

    Weapons Already Completed: AK-12,AN-94,AS VAL,M16A3,AK-74,P90,PPSh-41,M60,MG36,L86 LSW,SCAR HAMR,MG3KWS,Remington 700,L115A3,SCAR-H,Stevens DB and M1911.

    Weapons Completed Today: SCAR-L,AUG A1,M16A4 and G36.

    Summary: Today was completely amazing for me. It was today that I set milestones in my PF career, and learnt how good a section of guns can be, most notably the G36. The G36 I found was perfect for flanking, shock tactics and tearing up the enemy lines. In fact, It worked so well I managed to get an 100 kill game. My head rn is still throbbing over that. This isn't just my best game, but my first 100 kil…

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  • M231 FPW

    Old Page

    April 13, 2018 by M231 FPW

    I’m importing a page here to my blog due to two reasons:

    A. I can test out future things if I need to.

    B. So I can go through some old memories as the current page: Tutorial/Game will most likely be updated.

    -M231 FPW

    This tutorial shows some info on Phantom Forces. It also shows some tactics, HOW-TOs and buttons.

    This is tutorial's main purpose is to share information for new players.

    This part is where you know how to start the game, switch weapons, attachments and class.

    1. Menu HUD - Shows everything. Gun customization, stats and info. It also show upon death or force respawning. Sometimes, the HUD Design changes.
    2. Bulletin Wall - Shows updates, announcements and happenings at the game.
    3. Weapon - Shows appearance and perspective of a weapon. You can…

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  • PhantomForcesUser

    Idea for attachments (Writing this down so I don't forget)

    Bipod - Decreases recoil of the weapon when prone. Lowers mobility speed.

    Grip-Pod - Decreases recoil of the weapon when prone. Very slight decrease to recoil when ADS and not proning. Slower ADS time and lowers mobility speed.

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  • Droopy500

    pot of herb nuts

    April 6, 2018 by Droopy500

    I'm 2 lazy to edit, I got better things to do.

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  • IiSkrrtified

    -lito pleese

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  • IiSkrrtified


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  • Specardistry

    I need some gun suggestions

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  • Sojitsu

    Learn from a veteran sniper in BF4, BF Hardline, BF 1, PR, and a very good sniper in PF. After this, you will have the potential to change the flow of an entire game or completely neutralize a push. 

    Disclaimer: The following playstyle you will learn from here focuses on priority sniping rather than getting multiple kills. It also focuses on minimizing deaths and is less aggressive than other playstyles. For learning aggressive sniping, go here or here. 

    Now that the poke fans and FaZe fans are gone, let's get straight into the action, or lack of it. 

    decided to write this because everyone's writting one

    You are not a quickscope king. You are not meant for close quarters combat or for going against enemies with assault rifles. You are 400 stud…

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  • Captian Neckbeard

    So I have seen some twich streamers, and also wanted to do some things on my own with friends. I'm going to guess there is a way to get a private server in phantom forces, probably some long proccess, but im just wondering if it is posible. devs?

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  • Specardistry

    Yes Or No And Why? (Y.O.N.A.W.)

    Im a rank 45 F.Y.I

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  • RobloxKiddy

    Greetings. You will address me as Senpai. You are grasshoppers.

    Roleplaying theme over, this is a guide to my style of sniping. I have never seen anything to do with it, nor anybody apart from me utilise it.

    I'm going to put it simply. My style is different. It involves a certain number of factors, tricks, tips & techniques to fully accomplish a well suitable playstyle.

    Before getting into the Tactics, Weapons & Tips, we must get to the standard theme of the playstyle:

    - This playstyle involves aggressive movement, quick engagements, a very large range of engagements and very intimidating plays. However, the playstyle is NOT to be used as a Paradox Fan boy's ticket t o Multi Feed heaven. If you sadly appear to be those people, I suggest you bury y…

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  • JacksGAMES1

    Getting the jade crown of silver is very easy!

    First you have to complete the puzzle you find in crane site and highway in the vending machine then you will get the jade key after that in dunes or suburbia you have to find a blue house or an appartment and use the jade key you got on every door you find on the blue house/appartment after that you will get teleported in a zombie game where you have to kill all the zombies and when you kill them all you will get the jade crown of silver.


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  • Poke3555

    a good assault loadout

    March 19, 2018 by Poke3555

    hoi today im going to show you how to make a gud assault load out for rank 20-40

    primary: M16A3 attachments: Coyote, Stubby Grip (or angled), Muzzle Brake (or comp), and green lazer how to use: use it at 40-120+ studs out. Mainly aim down the sights to easily aim and fire. the muzzle brake keeps the recoil down and the coyote sight lines up perfectly with the irons. if your going to hit fire a lot use the irons (dont put a neon camo on it.) or the reflex sight. overall a very versitile weapon. secondary: G18 attachments: Delta or mini sight, uhhh whatever underbarrel, muzzle brake (or comp), and 33rd mag. how to use: use for close range. hipfire godmode activaded. spray and pray on dem noobs. the issue is you need to reload quite a bit bec…

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  • IiSerpentKing

    The Jade Key

    March 19, 2018 by IiSerpentKing

    Share you're thoughts on the Jade Key for the Ready Player One event.

    My person opinion was that there wasn't much that was anything that resembled a scavenger hunt, in fact the most entertaining part of the whole ordeal was the bloodbath at every vending machine. I thought the event as a whole could have had great potential but is currently failing to impress me.

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  • CamaroKidBB

    The sniper rifle.  An elegant precision weapon meant for the most accurate.

    This is a list of counting them down!  :D

    For the purposes of this list, I will be classifying sniper rifles as guns that are able to 1-hit headshot regardless of distance with no spread, even if they aren't actual sniper rifles.

    Why top 6?  Because I like to go one step beyondTM.

    The starting sniper.  This bad boy is the middle line between the powerful .50 BMG sniper rifles, and the more modest but still powerful full-power sniper rifles.  It also has the longest torso shot range of the non-.50 BMG snipers, owing to its cartridge being a middle ground.  It also fires deceptively fast, but then again, it's from a lot of tinkering with the Hecate II.

    From the fastest fi…

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  • ZevetalXZ6

    I just had a crazy update that the Devs should do for a limited time on Phantom Forces. What if...


    I can already read the comments "Really dude? Thats just gonna be a copy from Call Of Duty:WWII" and I know, I know... but think about it. In the Phantom Forces CTE, they had military weapons that were from WW I and II. So they must have been thinking of an update dating in the 1900s. It's pretty obvious since they had the MP 40, PPSH-P1, and many others, so itwas an idea of it happening. N+But thinking about the update happeneing may lose players since everybody like the game it is (except for people who h8 the guns, maps, etc but im not saying anything). It would…

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  • RobloxKiddy

    This blog is meant for standardization among ranges on certain guns, and to see where they fit on their certain classes.

    1. We specify weapons into their respected categories, with a few exceptions:

    - The "Pistols" are Identified as the M9, G17, M1911, M45A1 and ZIP 22.

    - The "Magnums" are the DEagle 44, MP412 REX, 1858 New Army, Obrez and sfg 50.

    - The "Machine Pistols" are the G18, M93R, MP1911 (all weapons in the test place at this current time are included) and Tec-9.

    - Secondary shotguns (the "Sawed off" and "Serbu Shotgun") are counted as shotguns along with the KSG-12, Remington 870, KS23-M, Stevens DB and Saiga-12.

    All other weapons are to be included in the class they're specified with. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THIS TO BE VIOLATED UNLES…

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  • Sojitsu

    Unfortunately, I'm already in the 2nd phase of the challenge, and have already passed the assault rifles, so this will mostly be about the PDWs and onwards.

    Stay tuned for more, will update this whenever I'm on the next weapon, or bored, or wanna complain. Enjoy my suffering/pleasure in watching enemies fall before me. -Soj, 3/13/2018

    As of right now, I'm using the mini M231 FPW. Firerate's good, 3HK is enjoyable, reload is fast as expected, but the weapon is pretty useless at range. It could just be my setup, but it isn't as good at range as the M16s or the M4s. 

    The M45A1 is very similar to the M1911, a favourite of mine but not my favourite pistol. I shouldn't actually be using the M45, I should be on the G18 after getting 500 kills on the…

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  • CamaroKidBB

    The Swagnum.  The ultimate in power within the handgun world.  To respect the power of these magnificently sexy firearms, I have put together a list of the Top 5 Swagnums in Phantom Forces.

    This revolver is a fast shooting 6-shooter that has a good 2-hit range and can pretty much delete foes in close quarters.  Why only number five?  Well, the recoil is pretty atrocious up close, and the reload takes a century and a half to complete.  However, if one is willing to deal with these, the MP412 REX will be a servicable sidearm.

    The semi-automatic swagnum.  While it does fire slower, it holds 8+1 in its magazine, which makes for some impressive killing sprees.  Like the MP412 REX, the DEagle also one-hits to the head, albeit at a much closer dist…

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  • Splendidspy2435


    March 6, 2018 by Splendidspy2435

    Hello, I am new to the wikia and am hoping to become a useful user.

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  • RobloxKiddy

    A lot of people (at the most around 98% of the players) I've encountered, especially high ranks, have kept saying that same goddamn thing. "The AN-94 is the worst gun in the game. There's no point using it."

    As such, I've decided to deal with this situation personally and give you my guide to using the AN-94.

    Basic Facts About the AN-94-

    To start off with, here's the cold, hard facts about the AN-94.

    Damage stats are 32-24, with a 1.4x headshot multiplier. As a result, when firing in auto it features the slowest potential TTK out of all the assault rifles, when combined with the 600rpm ROF. However, it features a very fast TTK on its burst mode, but the TTK isn't very important. The real thing we're after is the ROF of the burst. Clocking in at …

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  • Godonan


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  • Specardistry

    EDIT: I'm rank 51 now

    Suggest plz!

    I bought Mosin, L115A3, Honey Badger, KS-23M, and RPK.

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  • Ivan Clemente

    Main Page Issue

    February 23, 2018 by Ivan Clemente

    For sake of people being involved, I posted this as a blog.

    Last 14:00, January 21, 2018‎, Wormedwreckingball and Noobyrblx001 edit warred on Phantom Forces Wiki Main Page. Before everything, I deeply sorry for being inactive in these months. My computer needs to replace a part and my laptop is not made for games.

    Okay, getting back from the edit war, Wormedwreckingball removes the content of the main page - which sparks the edit war. On the other hand, Noobyrblx tried to fix the edit by reverting it instead of protecting it, which a content mod can do. Besides from the edit war, wormedwreckingball also managed to redirect the main page to "Rip off of CS:GO" and "Phantom Forces Wiki:Gay game".

    In this issue, Phantom Forces Wiki:Rules and Policies…

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  • M231 FPW

    Moderator Application Resume

    February 15, 2018 by M231 FPW

    WIP (Work In Progress)

    I am M231 FPW. Formerly HJ. I am a very active contributer and currently have 1,894+ edits on this wikia. My contributions to this wikia includes fixing up typos, making sure galleries are formatted properly, writing summaries if needed, and enforcing Standardization Procedures. I often try to find information on new weapons/content and add them to pages if they haven’t been added yet. I also check edits and make sure that the edits make sense according to Standardization Procedures and sometimes rewrite if needed. I usually make a bare minimum of 4 edits a day. I have been on this wikia for approximately 5-6 monthes.

    ScarL4life has agreed to sponsor me:…

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  • Rashidofthedankmemes


    February 15, 2018 by Rashidofthedankmemes

    Everyone, someone deleted all the information on the Remington 700 article. Lets try to fix the article and catch the person responsible for doing this. 

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  • Rashidofthedankmemes

    My name is Rashidofthedankmemes and I am an active editor on this wiki. I have made 962 edits as of writing this resume and I have been on this wiki for almost 2 years. I am very active and I make about 10-15 edits every day to fix any common mistakes. In terms of experience in PF, I am a veteran player at rank 117 and have played for two years. 

    VOTE HERE- ScarL4Life

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  • Noobyrblx011

    This map look good and have many easter eggs but people hate it, tell me what you think and why does people hated it.

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  • Rashidofthedankmemes

    ScarL4Life I would like to become a moderator but I have a few questions. Firstly in the applications page, it stated on step 5 that I need to edit a pre made page and create a resume. Aren't I allowed to present my resume as a whole at once to an admin and moderator? Secondly are you able to open a poll for the public? Thirdly how do I submit it to you? And finally can you sponsor me to become a moderator?

    I have a lot of questions but could you answer because I need to know.

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  • ZevetalXZ6

    First blog, first idea, we go!

    Basically, as we all know, Phantom Forces maps are well designed, but there are a few maps that do have somewhat of a poor structure. Some maps are out in the open, some are closed in, and some...are camoflauged? Here's the Mall side...

    Mall Construction

    This map is based on a 5 floor + Roof Mall that may be in a Demolition or Renovation. Each floor is covered in it's own paint, so you can tell what floor your on. But all the floors have one thing in common, the cubes (The rooms' with glass all over them). When trying to find the enemy, the rooms become a pain in the A. You have to vault almost all of them, leaving the enemy enough time to escape. Not only the floors are bad, the roof is worse. Almost al…

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  • RobloxKiddy

    Admin Application

    January 29, 2018 by RobloxKiddy

    First of all, there is no way I see myself as an admin to start with. I have only been on the wiki for a few weeks, and made only around 400-600 edits. I'm just considering to get rid of the annoying 00fers who make this wiki a living hell.

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  • ScarL4life


    January 27, 2018 by ScarL4life

    I am ScarL4life, a prominent editor on this wiki. I have 1524 edits as of the writing of this blog post and have made numerous contributions to the weapons pages. I have been on this wiki for over a year and I am the unofficial leader of the PF wiki standardization project. I direct its efforts and have made numerous standardizations myself. I am also active on the wiki, patrolling it for vandals and editing pages here and there. In terms of experience in PF, I am a rank 60 player and keep up to date with new weapons. 

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  • IiSkrrtified

    I watched a video uploaded by popular Phantom Forces Youtuber SynthesizeOG saying that the map mall construction has been remade and I am looking for answers to see if it is true.

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  • PhantomForcesUser

    Hey so I'm going away tomorrow for a few days, and won't be back until Sunday. I won't be able to access the internet so expect me to not be active until I return. (Damn, I'm going to have to restart the 1 edit for 100 days thing again). I hope everything doesn't turn into a civil war and hope all is well. - PFU.

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  • RobloxKiddy

    Current Map Issues

    January 13, 2018 by RobloxKiddy

    As of now, the maps in phantom forces are generally very good (too roblox standards) and are generally also fun too most players. But i speak for a lot of people when i say that Suburbia is a piece of sh!#. 

    While i was excited for the release of a new map, i am now very displeased with it. It has a lot of inherent problems that cannot be fixed in it without a major revamp. 

    1. The fact is that this is a slap in the face to any CoD fan. It is so similar to nuketown you may as well just call it that. 

    2. The sloppy urban gameplay i don't find well for a game like Phantom forces. House to house fights are often very scrappy and the tight spaces make it a hunting ground for Honey Badger N0rm!es.

    3. The amount of spawn trapping in this map literal…

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  • PhantomForcesUser


    I am PhantomForcesUser or PFU for short. As of current, I have 1245+ edits on this wiki, having made a variety of edits such as minor grammar fixes and typo corrections, to full rewriting of and creation of pages. I also have helped create and enforce standardised procedures for this wiki along with updating older templates and formats to better the wiki as both it and the game Phantom Forces move into the future. As of writing, I have been on the wiki for over seven months and will be nearly one-year when it's time for mod nominations. I always check the wiki's activity and proofread edits to make sure they follow standard procedures, are factually correct, are not repetitive and are worded properly. I …

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  • Mlgjcladioa

    New member here!

    December 30, 2017 by Mlgjcladioa

    Welcome to the boring blog thing. And the new member is.... Me

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  • M231 FPW

    Guide to using the AK-47

    December 26, 2017 by M231 FPW

    So in my opinion, this gun is a really good and well rounded assault rifle. Like its reliable, especially when I found myself reloading and an enemy pops up behind a corner and all that so all i have to do is cancel reload and just empty my entire magazine. It only takes like 3 shots to even kill him. I used the AK-47 with good results back when I was a medium ranker. I highly recommend this gun if you cant find a good assault rifle. So anyways, heres my tips on how to use the AK-47.

    So obviously lets lay out its strengths and weaknesses. So its strenghth is high damage, relatively low ammo consumption, good ammo compatability, (i think it should be able to pick up from AK-12s, which are common) and somewhat fast reload. Its weaknesses are…

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  • M231 FPW

    Note: this is mostly for beginners, but there may be a tip or two that you have not known before.

    So lets hop in shall we?

    1. Utilize the minimap. Whenever an enemy shoots near you, they will appear as a red square on your minimap. Unless if they got a suppressor attached to their gun or have an integrally suppressed gun, all enemies appear when they shoot. However, they have to be close to you so uh dont bother trying to look for an enemy that is 400 studs away. Also, spotted enemies that are near you will also pop up on it so be sure to utilize spotting to. Its not hard to spam e and many experienced players use it.

    2. Nullifying the bolt cycling on the snipers. Now i know theres fast bolt action rifles like the mosin which wouldnt need th…

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  • SundownMKII

    test blog post

    December 19, 2017 by SundownMKII

    test blog post to confirm how blogs work

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  • MrBogglesWorth

    Hello again, fellow Phantoms/Ghosts.

    I asked some questions to ALOT of people (around 50 or so in three weeks!) with the question "What ruins the game for you?"

    Now, let's get into it; what is the ultimate game ruiner?

    Alot of people have said "handheld knives". If you do not know what this means, it means by HOLDING the F key, you can pull out your knife and use it as a melee weapon. 

    Doing this grants you insane amounts of mobility, so you can run the fastest you can go.

    People have criticised the melee weapons for making you go extremely fast while also giving you a one-hit kill capability in close combat. Every once in a while you can see a person running around the map while holding the knife just killing people. Should Stylis Studios remo…

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  • Blorgusmorgus

    So... do we gona get a new revolover in game? Well its is hard to answer to this question, but why?

    First- We have a high damage, high rate of fire gun.

    Second- there is not so many revolvers ( in real world) with something else like: difrent ammo capacity, rate of fire e.t.c. 

    But what if Stylis studio had idea to add a new revolver what would it be? My ideas:

    1. Low damge, bigger rate of fire then mp412 rex, large ammo capacity (well because large rate of fire), a revolver that would be fun to spam.

    2. very high damage, low rate of fire like 45 rpm.

    So yea, i hope you liked my ideas, share your ideas in coment section, se ya.

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  • CamaroKidBB

    Hello there comrades, CamaroKidBB here.  The following is a guide to effectively using pistols in your loadout as backup weapons.

    This guide will only be covering semi-automatic pistols and revolvers, although machine pistols and "other" guns could be used as well, to much less effect, especially with the latter.

    When your primary is out of ammo, or is simply inadequate for a close quarters situation, take no more time than is necessary to draw out your sidearm and start shooting.  Some of this unneccesary time taken includes aiming down sights.  While sidearms aim much more quickly than all primaries, there is still time taken to aim, time that would cost you your life in a life-or-death situation.  That, and some energy will be expended on…

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  • DarkLight300

    Favorite Weapons

    December 14, 2017 by DarkLight300

    Assault Rifle: FAMAS

    Personal Defense Weapon: Kriss Vector

    Light Machine Gun: RPK

    Sniper Rifle: Mosin-Nagant

    Carbine: AK-12C and SR-3M

    DMR: VSS Vintorez and SCAR-SSR

    Battle Rifle: SCAR-H

    Shotgun: Stevens DB

    Pistol: M1911

    Machine Pistol: Glock 18 and TEC-9

    Revolver: (You know the answer...)

    Other: Sawed Off

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  • Duodecagon

    Hello everyone.

    For those who don't know me, I am Duodecagon, an avid contributor to the Phantom Forces Wikia.

    I am going to start bloging my major changes on the wiki so people know what's going on. These will occur usually on Wednesday or when I get around to it.

    Due to Ivan's abscence. I will take over the backend updating of the templates. Many of the templates are extremely broken and outdated that they are in need of fixing. I myself have been studying up on WikiCode for the last month and can understand enough to be able to fix these issues.

    You may have noticed on some pages that there are tabs on the infobox (Mainly attachments). This is to keep things structurally organized within the wiki. Right now, I'm just focusing on attachments…

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  • EddieMcWang

    1. Make sure you have a customizable skin

    2. Turn Materials On: Click "materials" and press the small box.

    3. Stretch the skin to 0.1: Go to studspertileu and studspertilev and set it to 0.1. This will stretch your skin to be really thin. YOU HAVE TO HAVE MATERIALS ON TO STRETCH SKINS. (Note: This may not work for some skins)

    4. Set transparency all the way to 0.8

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  • Osmily

    I wasn't here during the beginning of phantom forces, or even during the halfway point, but I can read from a lot of sources that Ravod was one of the most beloved maps in the game. However, when Ravod got revamped, many people began to hate it because of a new access to the blue building's roof, which infuriated many people. So, when the Halloween update happened and the roof was removed, I thought that the map would be loved again (Although I was a loser and enjoyed the roof access).

    However, there still seems to be some dislike towards the new map, which I do not understand why. Does the revamp make other players' computers lag, or is there a hidden detail that has greatly impacted the map, though it is hard to find?

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  • Captainmeliodas43

    So i have noticed after using it that the sawed off got nerfed from when it was released on the update. I dont know if this is me just being bad, but it took me over three shots from 11 studs to kill an enemy. Stylis please check if this is true because it is practiclly impossible to use.

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  • Duodecagon

    Oh the ZiP, this gun is very misunderstood, but I'm going to explain why its underrated.

    I used to actually dispise this gun, but after using it for an entire round, I can guarentee this thing is not just a troll gun; its a competitor to the Obrez!

    Now let me explain my logic:

    The Obrez is of course a sawn off sniper variant of the Mosin Nagant. However, due to the sawn off barrel, the Obrez has to deal with reduced muzzle velocity and some spread which will defintely screw you over at longer ranges. The Obrez also has low damage for a theoretical sniper so it is a necessity to consistantly get headshots for this to be effective.

    The ZiP on the other hand, is not a sniper, but with proper attachments, this pistol becomes a fully functional DMR…

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