This is a list of all of the Basic Controls in Phantom Forces, as of the Demo Release (5th November 2015). As this is based off of the Demo Release, all Controls are subject to change at any point. Below listed are only mainly the PC/MAC Keyboard and Mouse controls for Phantom Forces. None of the controls can be rebound in game. To rebind them to your preference, some gaming keyboards and mice have software (Examples: Razer, Corsair, Logitech G, Roccat, Steelseries, etc). Some of the software can allow macros which is not illegal in Phantom Forces to use.


Fire: "Mouse Button 1" (Left click)

Aim: "Hold Mouse Button 2" (Right click) / "Q"

Switch Current Sight/Change Optics (for the Canted Sight attachments) : "Press T"

Reload: "R"

Throw Grenade: "G" (hold "G" to cook grenade)

Quick Stab: "F" (Hold F to keep the knife in your hand, and click LMB to use. To do a "special" stab, click RMB.)

Inspect Weapon: "H" (not really needed unless you want to see a gun from someone you killed or yours)

Switch Firing Mode/Trigger Group: "V" (works on any gun that has more than one trigger group)

Pick Up Weapon: "V" (only works while near a dropped weapon, look in the bottom middle of the screen to see if and what you can pick up)

Hold Breath/Steady: "Shift" (while aimed in with a scope).

Hide HUD/Enter Cinematic Mode: "Shift+L"

Spot Enemies: "E"

"Fastwalk": "C" (only works while sprinting)

Dive: "X" or "Z" (only works while sprinting)

Speed Boost: Shift+W+C, then let go of Shift and C, then hold Shift again to keep sprinting

Weapon Selection

Primary Weapon: "1" or use mouse wheel

Secondary Weapon: "2" or use mouse wheel

Knife: "3" or hold "F" and the Knife will stay equipped. You can spam the F key as well.

Grenade: Hold "G" to "cook" the grenade. Tapping "G" will throw.


Movement Controls (Work In Progress)
Function PC (Keyboard and mouse or Keyboard and touchpad) MAC (Keyboard and mouse or Keyboard and touchpad)

'XBOX One, Android TV/Console like systems, Nvidia Shield Systems,' and PC (Controllers: Xbox One Elite and non elite, Xbox 360, Scuf, Razer Wildcat, Sabertooth, Serval, NVIDIA shield controller, etc)

Move Camera/Look Move Mouse/Touch Pad Move Mouse/Touch Pad Move "Right Thumb Stick"
Walk/Slow movement
  • "W" or "Up Arrow" (Forward)
  • "A" or "Left Arrow" (Left)
  • "D" or "Right Arrow" (Right)
  • "S" or "Down Arrow" (Back)
  • "W" or "Up Arrow" (Forward)
  • "A" or "Left Arrow" (Left)
  • "D" or "Right Arrow" (Right)
  • "S" or "Down Arrow" (Back)
Move "Left Thumb Stick"
Sprint/Run Hold "Left Shift" or Double Tap "W"
Hold "Left Shift" or Double Tap "W"
Hold down "Left Thumb Stick"
Crouch Tap "C" (Press while running to slide)
Tap "C" (Press while running to slide)
Prone Tap "X" or Tap "Left Ctrl" (Press while running to dive)
Tap "Z" or "Left Ctrl" (Press while running to dive)
Jump/Vault Tap "Space"
Tap "Space"
Press "B"

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