This is a list of all of the Basic Controls in Phantom Forces, as of the Demo Release (5th November 2015). As this is based off of the Demo Release, all Controls are subject to change at any point. Below listed are only mainly the PC/MAC Keyboard and Mouse controls for Phantom Forces. None of the controls can be rebound in game. To rebind them to your preference, some gaming keyboards and mice have software (Example: Razer, and Steelseries offer customizable buttons). Some of the software can allow macros which is not illegal in Phantom Forces to use.

List of Current Controls

  • Move: Press the W, S, A and D key to move forward, backward, left and right respectively.
  • Sprint: Double-tap and hold the W key or hold the left ⇧ Shift key.
  • Jump: Press the Space key.
  • Fire: Press or hold the Left Mouse Button.
  • ADS: Hold the Right Mouse Button or press the Q key.
  • Alternate ADS: Press the T key.
  • Reload: Press the R key.
  • Throw Grenade: Press the G key; hold G to cook the Grenade.
  • Quick Stab: Press the F key; hold the F key to keep the knife in hand.
  • Inspect Weapon: Press the H key.
  • Switch Firing Mode: Press the V key.
  • Pick Up Weapon: Hold the V key when standing over a dropped weapon.
  • Steady: Hold the Left ⇧ Shift key when using a scope.
  • Spot Enemies: Press the E key.
  • Crouch: Press the C or X key.
  • Prone: Press the C key while crouching.
  • Stand Up: Press the Z key.
  • Slide: Press the C key while sprinting.
  • Dive: Press the X key while sprinting (only works if sprinting by holding the left ⇧ Shift key).
  • Select Primary: Press the 1 key or use the Mouse Wheel.
  • Select Secondary: Press the 2 key or use the Mouse Wheel.
  • Select Melee: Press the 3 key or hold the F key.
  • Alternate Melee Attack: With a Melee in hand, press the Right Mouse Button.

Cinematic Mode

⇧ Shift+L was patched out in favor of the manual toggle on the main menu under settings as of 12/21/17. To disable Cinematic Mode, go into Phantom Forces, then go to Settings> Display> Cinematic Mode and move the slider to OFF.