Base Luna
Luna base
Vital statistics
Type Moon Base
Level Unknown
Location The Moon
Inhabitants Unknown

Map Details

The Moon Base was new to the 1.0.3 Update released on December 8th, 2016. This map was a part of the Star Wars: Rogue One promotion on Roblox. In the map, the player can clearly see the Earth. This is the only map known to hold the Railgun.

The Moon Base has a complicated underground plan and a relatively flat and desert surface. There are three missile silos on the map with two of them filled with the missiles and one of them is empty. The warheads of both missiles are open and have bright element inside them, which suppose that they are the nuclear warhead missiles. Their purpose is unknown. Therefore, this is supposed to be a military base rather than a base for a civilian or scientist.

As on the moon, the Base Luna has lower gravity which allows the player to jump higher and eventually double jump. This increases the difficulty to hit the target, especially on the surface of the base.

This map also holds the Codex which is required for the Badge "Find The Codex".

The map was removed on December 19th, 2016.


The Main Strategy is to keep the top ground which allows players to drop down into the underground. If you are underground and being shot at there have been players that will grab a sniper and shoot at those firing down upon you as they generally don't expect this. It is however recommended to use a low recoil gun as high recoil and low gravity do not mix very well. A high RoF (Rate of Fire) weapon with decent reload speed like the Colt SMG 635 and M231 work surprisingly well with this map. However these two weapons have extreme recoil, and as mentioned earlier, do not work well on this map. Knifing and Machete hacking seems to be a good idea, especially against sniping campers as you can flank them and this will also not get you any attention as a melee weapon kill is a silent death. Use the low-gravity environment of base Luna to get the jump on potential victims.

Since it is hard to keep steady aim against flying opponents, your best bet is to get up close and personal, killing them with a high RoF weapon. Hip-firing also isn't a bad idea, since it is easier to aim against rapidly moving opponents, so get a weapon with high hipfire accuracy for CQC battles. If you decide to ADS, use a weapon with an above average mag size to maximize the chances you have of landing a couple shots on hostiles before you have to reload. High-RoF weapons will waste ammo while ADS so weapons like the AS VAL aren't the best of choices.

  • Only a few hours before importing this map, along with the UI, from the test place to the main game place, some players noticed that there is a moon in the sky with the earth. Ironically, the map was already on the moon. The developers quickly removed the moon.
  • It's the only map to have extremely high jumping as well as double jumping due to low gravity.
  • Like mentioned above this is the only map known to contain a battle pick-up weapon, the Railgun.
  • This was currently the only map where you could get Badges 
  • This was the only map known to not have a day/night cycle.
  • This map was around for a week. 
  • This map was hated by many people, due to the players constantly "boosting"
  • Boosting is a method for players where one person gets another person (presumably a friend) to assist them getting to the top of the leaderboard, or getting attachments/weapons by killing them and coming back and vice versa. Hence the term '"boosting".
  • Shotguns were the most commonly used weapons on this map.
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