Ballistics Tracker
Attachment Type Other
Kills Required 1500
All Primary Weapons (excluding Colt SMG 635, KSG-12) and TEC-9 (if it was equipped on the 2017 or 2018 April Fools update.)

"Tracks a range of targets and computes the optimal firing trajectory to achieve a headshot" - In-game Description

The Ballistics Tracker is one of the accuracy improving attachments and is available for all Primary Weapons except the KSG-12, and it is available on the Obrez, Serbu Shotgun, and Sawed Off . It requires 1500 kills to be unlocked or can be purchased with credits (CR).


In real life, ballistics calculators do exist, in a variety of formats. Ballistics calculators are designed to calculate a bullet's trajectory through using the muzzle velocity, bullet drop, wind, elevation angle and other important factors. Most are found on computers but some are applications on mobile devices. Use of such things in warfare is usually impractical, given most are computers, which are not portable, and apps use predetermined data, something unable to be found in combat. Some apps don't work with every calibre as well. Some liberties have been taken in-game for such a device to work.


The physical model in-game is that of an iPhone 7 in Jet Black, which is mounted to the side of the weapon vertically (except for the M60, in which it is mounted horizontally) using a specially made Stylis Studios branded smartphone weapons mount.


The Ballistics Tracker is located in the Other category. It is the one of the hardest attachments to unlock, requiring the second most amount of kills or credits needed, only beaten by the third special shotgun ammunition, slugs, and hollow point.

The Ballistics Tracker will automatically put yellow-white diamonds above the head of the enemy closest to the center of the player's optic within a very small field of view while aiming down the sights. However, this diamond is not visible to any other players, meaning it doesn't automatically spot players. Shooting the diamond will result in a headshot, as the Ballistics Tracker compensates for bullet drop.


The Ballistics Tracker's primary purpose comes into play when used with any sniper rifle or DMR. It helps highlight the area where a headshot can be scored, which with sniper rifles, is an instant kill. It cannot compensate for lead, so shooting at moving targets may result in a miss at extreme ranges. Weapons with comparatively high bullet drop like the AWS can take great advantage of this. However, the Ballistics Tracker can find a purpose on other weapons. It's good on select-fire weapons with high minimum damage such as the L86 LSW or the AKM. These weapons are already good choices for long range marksmanship, and greatly benefit from the Tracker in long range precision shooting situations. This attachment is helpful in many cases involving longer-ranged shooting because of its compensating for bullet drop, and in dark areas where enemies can hide in plain sight.

Pros & Cons


  • Compensates for bullet drop.
  • Easy target acquisition of enemies.


  • Does not compensate for the target's movement.
  • Gives no advantage in hip-fire, due to it only working when ADS.
  • Takes up peripheral vision when not using High-Powered scopes.
  • Takes many kills to unlock (1500).


  • The Ballistics Tracker is arguably the most hated attachment in the game by players, due to being considered to easily making up for poor aim by players.
    • It's also hated due to the common occurrence of lower rank players buying the attachment, which is frowned upon.
    • A common sight is the Ballistic Tracker being paired with the BFG 50 and Hecate II.
  • The Ballistics Tracker has gone through a series of nerfs to the feature set it offers today.
    • When it was introduced, the Ballistics Tracker would highlight any enemy within sight for more than a few moments. A player could then hip-fire at the diamond for a quick kill. It was essentially an automatic spotting tool.
    • The Ballistics Tracker was eventually nerfed to only work while ADSing. It would highlight any enemy within a very wide cone of the player's field of view.
    • It was finally nerfed to an extremely tight cone, essentially requiring the player to box their target within their optic before they can get a pip, ending its use as an auto-spotter, and requiring a degree of precision to use.
  • The Ballistics Tracker being a smartphone may be an inside joke to the fact that smartphones are claimed to be able to do just about everything. People can download ballistics calculators for their phones in real life, but they only accept pre-measured data and don't have even a remotely similar experience.
  • When the attachment is put on a fully automatic weapon, the gun will recoil to the left when shooting.
  • The Ballistics Tracker's Screen is on the iPhone's camera, taking a picture.
  • In the 2017 April Fools update, the Ballistic Tracker could be mounted on the TEC-9 (affectionately nicknamed the KEK-9: a one shot hit TEC-9). Later it was removed as everything else was reverted back to normal.
  • If a player mounted the Ballistics Tracker on the TEC-9 during the 2017 April Fools update, It will stay there until the player removes it.
  • The Ballistics Tracker's screen used to glow like when a smartphone is turned on. Now the screen is transparent.


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