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Welcome to Phantom Forces, an incredibly popular and beautiful FPS game on Roblox. It's part of the evidence that incredibly realistic, beautiful games can be designed, released, and made popular on the Roblox platform, without having to be exact clones or copies of other games. Synthesizing design elements from many other current, popular games, it is currently set in six maps, with all players having access to the four available combatant classes and a wide variety of guns and weapon attachments.

Right now, the game is currently in its beta phase, and it is subject to change at any time by its creator, Litozinnamon , and Stylis Studios. This wiki is also, like the game, a work in progress, so links may not work right, and pages may not have the information you're looking for. Please be patient, and eventually the wiki will be ironed out and become the all-around resource you've been looking for.

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The FAMAS G2 is a French bullpup assault rifle that fires 5.56x45mm NATO rounds. It is an assault rifle unlocked at rank 45 has the highest rate of fire in assault rifle category. It has 3 fire modes: Full-Auto (900 RPM), 3-round burst (1000 RPM), and semi auto. This Assault Rifle is very useful at CQB and Mid-Range Combat.

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(2/15/16) ALSO! I need pictures of the classes buttons, for future weaponry portals, ASAP! Post them on my wall or on the Announcements. ASAP! -godonan.

(2/10/16) Announcement: Hello fellow contributors! We know that we have no new pages about those MP5 weapons. So please wait for a moment until the new pages have been updated. Thank You!

(2/14/16) This is godonan, happy valentine's day! Can someone get me a picture of the extra round for the Mechanics portal, that isn't so blurry. Recommended is the 31/30 extra round, but you can also just shoot your gun until you get 31 rounds left, people won't know difference. Post picture on my wall! (Or put it in the portals, I will beautify it and add the link.) Also, I NEED YOUR ROBLOX PLAYER IMAGES! Go and put on your best clothes and gear, then set it as an outfit. Then, click on the settings button for outfit you want, and choose the last option, "Download as an Image." Post it on my wall or on these announcements. To see your picture, click on the new portal labeled "Wiki Staff." I only got Ivan's picture and mine. Please tell me your username too!

(2/8/16) Made a couple of portals bigger, prettier, and more obvious.

(2/8/16) Request: Please help us to complete some of our articles. They are marked as "stubs". You could help us by putting some tips, tricks or atleast a picture. This is the list of stubs: Category:Article stubs.

(02/04/2016) Background: So if you're going WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE BACKGROUND, please remain calm, the original background is a default. I uploaded this, and it actually turned out better than I thought, am cleaning up anything, that MASSIVE picture actually only has 153 kilobytes! About half of the maximum requirement, so I am going to clean it. At least a new look. And if you are still freaking out, I did this so talk to me on my wall. -Godonan

(04/02/16) Announcement: Lito confirmed that he putted the optic's magnification by his own personal opinion. So, there is not a certain way to tell about the zooming than the Comparaison Page. Here is his confirmation.

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