This is for applying to become a moderator or admin.

Only Mods and admins can edit this page. To apply, you MUST get a mod/admin to sponsor you if you want to become a Moderator, or get an admin to sponsor you if you are becoming an Admin.


Requirements for Moderator

These set of requirements make sure that the nominated person is taking care about the power of being a moderator.

The nominated person requires:

  • 3 months or older joining the wiki
  • Have a roblox account (Can just send a picture)
  • 150+ edits
  • All Bronze Badges (except "Opinionator" and "And One More Thing")
  • Phantom Forces Wiki Editor Rank
  • Sponsorship by poking a moderator or admin
  • Active
  • Trust by Wiki Staff

Requirements for Admin

These set of requirements make sure that the nominated person is taking care about the power of being an admin.

The nominated person requires:

  • 4 months or older joining the wiki;
  • 360+ edits
  • Have a roblox account (MUST give username)
  • Moderator Status
  • Sponsorship by poking an admin
  • Trusted by Wiki Staff
  • Always Active
  • Atleast 5 Silver Badges
  • 13 years old and above

Moderator Promotion Process

  1. Get a moderator/admin to sponsor you and and begin the promotion process.
  2. Have moderator/admin open a poll for the public on the side of the Main page.
  3. You will have 48 hours to create resume. Poll may not begin until resume is submitted.
  4. Wait for poll to close after 96 hours.
  5. If you have enough votes, you will need to edit a pre-made page and create your resume. Submit this to the admins/moderators and they will have a discussion.
  6. You will most likely be voted in as Moderator.

Admin Promotion Process

  1. Get an admin to sponsor you and begin the promotion process.
  2. Have admin create a resume page for you to write your resume
  3. After 48 hours, page is locked.
  4. Moderators and admins will edit page to cast vote, for privacy and restriction to public.
  5. At least 50% of staff must edit page.
  6. After 96 hours, poll closes.
  7. You MUST have a 66%+ moderator/admin vote to succeed.
  8. Percentages are ROUNDED DOWN. 65.99% is 65%.
  9. You MUST write a good resume for us to accept you.

Demotion Process (READ CAREFULLY.)

  1. If a staff member is decidedly not active, conducted multiple infractions, or discovered to have engaged in unwanted activity and are able to be demoted, the Demotion Process begins.
  2. The staff member in question will be informed via a post on his/her wall that he is subject to the demotion process.
  3. The demoter (There can only be one) must create a page and state in the first line the declaration and reasons for demotion.
  4. The staff member to be demoted are to edit the page and state their defense.
  6. In the comments below, at least 50% of staff (Excluding the demoter and staff member to be demoted) must comment to cast vote.

Applications History

(2/19/2016): I, Godonan, sponser Aurified, to become a moderator. He has 100+ edits. DENIED. HAS NOT MADE LIMIT NEEDS 4 MORE MONTHS

(2/23/2016): I, Godonan sponser Dinocamo to become moderator. He is in good standing. Polls shall be found here. Dinocamo shall create his resume soon enough. DINOCAMO PROMOTED

(3/1/2016): I, Godonan, sponser Aurified to become our next moderator. He is in good standing. Polls shall be found here. Aurified shall create his resume on that page or deny this sponsership. DONE, AURIFIED PROMOTED

(3/27/16): Lito has joined, promoted to beauracrat?

(4/1/16): I, Ivan, sponsor Dinocamo to become admin. He has 2nd most edits (500 article edits).APRIL FOOLS!!!! BWAHAHA

(5/14/16) I, Ivan, sponsor RobloxUser24042679 to become moderator. He is trusted and in good standing. He is also a good editor; correcting grammatical errors and adding over-all article content. Polls can be seen here.

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