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Weapon Type Primary Weapon
Weapon Class Assault Rifle
Rank Prerequisites Rank 5
Damage 33 -> 20
Range 70 max -> 120 min


Hip Accuracy


Sight Accuracy


Magazine Size 30, 31 with round in chamber
Ammo Reserve 120
Fire Modes Auto, 3× Burst, & Semi
Rate of Fire 650 RPM

TTK (Time to Kill) 0.18 s
Head & Body Multiplier
Hitbox Range
Max (70 studs) Min (120 studs)
(x1.4) Head 46.2 28
(x1) Torso 33 20
(x1) Arms and Legs 33 20
Red color signifies a fatal hit. And all damage value are rounded down.
Note: The damage value in-game is rounded down, example: 99.9 damage is counted as 99 damage and not 100 damage.
Suppressed Stats
Suppressor Suppressed Damage Suppressed Range
ARS Suppressor 33 -> 19 63 max -> 102 min
R2 Suppressor 33 -> 18 59.5 max -> 96 min
PBS-4 Suppressor 33 -> 18 63 max -> 102 min
PBS-1 Suppressor 33 -> 18.6 63 max -> 108 min
Suppressor 33 -> 17 66.5 max -> 108 min
Muzzle Velocity 2500 studs/s
Penetration Depth 1.0 studs
Suppression 0.5


Hipfire Camera Recovery Speed 15
Sight Camera Recovery Speed 19
Weapon Recovery Speed 22
Weapon Recoil Damping 0.8


Min Camera Kick (1.00, -0.61, -0.31)
Max Camera Kick (1.20, -0.11, 0.30)
Min Recoil Displacement (-0.50, 0.60, 8.19)
Max Recoil Displacement (0.80, 1.10, 9.80)
Min Recoil Rotation (0.20, 0.40, -0.50)
Max Recoil Rotation (1.89, 2.59, 0.50)
Hipfire Spread Factor 0.08
Hipfire Recovery Speed 8
Hipfire Spread Damping 0.75


Min Camera Kick (0.89, -0.21, -0.50)
Max Camera Kick (1.89, 0.30, 0.50)
Min Recoil Displacement (-0.11, 0.50, 4.19)
Weapon Shot Displacement (0.10, 1.20, 5.80)
Min Recoil Rotation (0.60, 0.10, -1.31)
Max Recoil Rotation (0.89, -0.21, 0.30)
Sight Magnification 2.5x


Reload Time 2.5 seconds
Empty Reload Time 3.2 seconds
Equip Speed 12
Aiming Speed 15
Crosshair Size 30
Crosshair Spread Rate 400
Crosshair Recover Rate 15


Weapon Walk Speed 14 stud/s
Aiming Walk Speed 8.4 stud/s
Ammo Type 5.45x39mm
Round in Chamber One
Shot Suppression Range None


The AK-12 is a prototype Russian assault rifle in Phantom Forces. It can be unlocked by reaching level 5 or by purchasing it with Credits.


The Kalashnikov AK-12 (formerly АK-200) is the newest derivative of the Soviet/Russian AK (Avtomat Kalshnikova) series of assault rifles and was proposed for possible general issue to the Russian Army. It was presented to the then Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin in May 2010 as the AK-200. As of December 2014, the Russian military has adopted both the AK-12 and the AEK-971 for evaluation.[1]

The 7.62x39 version of the AK-12 is named AK-15.


The AK-12 is the first assault rifle that can be unlocked by leveling up in Phantom Forces. It is a relatively average assault rifle, and this is reflected in its statistics. This gun uses a 30 round magazine and has 120 rounds in reserve, like all other assault rifles with the exception of the AS VAL with a 20 round magazine and the M231 with 150 rounds in reserve. The recoil of this rifle is low. It also has a respectably fast reload time compared to other assault rifles. This gun is well suited for mid-range combat and harassment at longer ranges.

In-game, the AK-12 has three fire modes: semi-auto, full-auto (650 RPM) and 3-round-burst (650 RPM). The full-auto mode is well oriented for mid-range combat, especially if the player has chosen attachments that lower recoil.

The burst mode, like on some other rifles, has no fire rate advantage compared to full-auto mode, but it goes with, as one might expect, high recoil. Unless the user is well versed in controlling the burst mode, there is no real reason to use the burst mode on this rifle other than reducing ammo consumption and a better hit probability at long range. The semi-auto mode is good for long range, as it can kill an enemy with 5 shots.

Pros and Cons


  • Good handling and low recoil.
  • Both the tactical reload and normal reload are fast for its class.
  • Decent iron sights.
  • It has 3 fire modes.
  • Low unlock level.


  • Average damage for an assault rifle.
  • Mediocre range for an assault rifle.
  • Its rate of fire is rather low.
  • Longer time-to-kill than most other weapons in its class.
  • Does not share ammunition with any other non-assault rifle weapon except 5.45x39mm firearms and RPK.
  • Burst mode is almost completely useless, with no RoF benefits over full-auto mode.
List of Weapons
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Battle rifles SCAR-H - AG-3
Shotguns KSG-12 - Remington 870
Secondary Weapons Pistol M9 - G17 - M1911 - DEAGLE 44
Machine Pistol G18 - M93R - TEC-9
Revolver MP412 REX
Other Serbu Shotgun - Obrez


  1. [1]AK-12 Intro

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