7.62x39 Ammo

AK12 Conversion
Attachment Type Other
Kills Required Unknown (0 in Testing Environment) Kills
Available on AK12 only

 The 7.62×39mm round was an intermediate-power cartridge used for many Soviet era firearms designed shortly after WWII. It was first used in the RPD light machine gun and shortly after that, in the SKS carbine. However, It is most famously known for being the cartridge fired by the famous AK-47/AKM assault rifle. It has since been largely replaced mostly by the smaller but faster 5.45×39mm cartridge used in the AK-74 and later rifles in the Russian Federation, but is still commonly used around the world due to how plentiful the AK-47 series are.

Its ballistic performance is quite high for an intermediate cartridge with its kinetic energy being a lot higher than the 5.56×45mm NATO cartridge, but much lower than full sized rifle cartridges such as the 7.62×51mm NATO, 7.62×54mmR, 7.92×57mm Mauser, etc. Compared to the most common intermediate cartridges, such as the 5.56×45 and 5.45×39, the 7.62×39 is heavier and therefore does more damage but travels slower, resulting in reduced penetration.

In Game

For now, the 7.62×39 ammo conversion exists for the AK12 only on the Phantom Forces Community Testing Environment. It greatly increases overall damage (39->22) with a reserve ammunition penalty from 120 rounds to 90 rounds. It also significantly increases vertical, camera and blowback recoil, making it on par with the normal AK-47.


  • The magazine of the AK-12 doesn't change when 7.62×39mm ammunition is attached
  • The AK-12 chambered in 7.62×39 is known as the AK-15.

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